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Surgical Guide Pocket Booklet

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#1 BEST SELLING Surgical Guide Pocket Booklet for Surgical Technology students that are on their way to clinicals! Written by Kat, who's known as Surgical Tech Geek on YouTube. 


What and Who is this for?

This is for pre-clinical students which are students that are about to go to clinicals. This booklet is also great for post-clinical students, new ST hires, and even new OR nurses in training. It features 20 common surgical mayo stand basic set-ups that serves as a guidance for scrub techs during their surgical case. It fits right into your pocket so you will always have an access to the booklet anytime during your clinicals. Of course, it all varies per surgeons preference but this pocket booklet will help build your confidence overtime and one day, you will have it all memorized and everything will make sense! 



Number of pages - 50 (front and back)

Dimensions - 4x6 with spiral

20 Common Surgical Procedures

20 High Quality Digital drawings

20 Mayo Stand Set-ups

20  Surgical Tech Tips

1 Template for Surgeons Glove/Gown Preference

4 Templates for Surgeons Preference cards



Prior to clinicals, review major tray instrumentations (see flashcards).

Practice your counts (see flashcards).

Go over the booklet and search the surgical case on Youtube. Use Surgical Notepads to take notes (see notepads).

Review Anatomy and Physiology. Surgeon might test you.

Without looking on the other side of the booklet, test yourself if you can recognize the instruments for the surgical case set-up.

Need more resource? Check out my Youtube Channel for in depth course on surgical case set-ups. 

By purchasing this material, you agree to the following terms and conditions: you agree that all other media produced by Surgical Tech Geek are simply guides and should not be used over and above your course material and teacher instruction in surgical technology school. When details contained within these guides and other media differ, you will defer to your tech surgical tech school's faculty/staff instructions. Hospitals and universities may differ on surgical set-ups and procedures; you will defer to your hospital or surgical tech school's faculty/staff instructions. These guides and other media created by Surgical Tech Geek are not intended to be used as a medical advice or clinical practice; they are for educational use only. You also agree not to distribute or share these materials under any circumstances; they are for personal use only.

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